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91.       Perry Stone:

           Four signs of the end (America is already there.)


  • People no longer repent of iniquity. (Note: the definition of iniquity is not the same as the definition of sin. Iniquity is defined as gross injustice, evil, wickedness, given over to evil perversion.)  

  • When the cup of iniquity becomes full. Sin without repentance fills the cup to overflowing and brings judgment. Ultimately it is the cup filled with the blood of the innocent and especially children. The cup overflows when those in charge break the covenant and no longer protect the righteous.

  •  When those who are in charge go further and try to hurt the righteous. Note: Genesis 19, which details how the evil men of Sodom planned to gang rape the two angels who visited Lot’s house. At that point the game changed, and God stepped in with judgment, destroying Sodom in a flash, using fire, earthquakes and wind to destroy it.

  • When the Holy Spirit pours out on our sons and daughters. Rejoice, because God is going to move in a mighty way and we get to be part of it.

  92. Perry Stone- word from the Lord by Shane Warren, Tues., Apr.
       10,   2012:

Pastor Shane Warren was given this vision very recently and the Lord said he would be speaking it to a television audience all over the world. In response, Perry Stone said that his scheduled guest had just cancelled and the Lord told him to invite Shane Warren to replace him. Perry Stone was completely unaware of the message Warren planned to give.


Revival is God’s Vision:

Based on scripture, Judges 19.

    Revival may not come to America because:

  •  We are totally comfortable in our darkness.

  • Because of the church’s cowardly response in the face of danger. (We must take back territory from the devil that we have failed to defend in the past. We must tell the devil, “You can’t have America! She will live and not die!”

  • The priests’ concern is displaced, because the church is all about comfort.

  • The church is comatose regarding its duty.

  • The church is careless in the performance of its duty.

In the story in Judges 19, a priest loved a concubine (a slave) enough to travel a great distance to bring her back to his home. However, by nightfall they hadn’t yet reached their destination and needed to turn off into a town where they found shelter in a man’s home. However, the town’s men demanded that the homeowner send out the priest so they could have relations with him. (Shane Warren said they intended to gang rape him all night long.) Unbelievably the priest, who was supposed to have loved the concubine, shoved her out the door and let the town’s men rape her all night long. In the morning she crawled up to the front door and stretched out her hand over the threshold, but the priest was asleep, and she was nearly dead by the time he found her. Instead of bringing her inside and weeping over her while holding her close or trying to treat her wounds, he told her to, “Get up. Let’s go.” On the way he let her die then took her body and cut it into small pieces, with no love lost.


  • Shane Warren applies this story to the day in which we live. America has been humiliated, beaten up, and raped with no one to protect her, no one to stand up for righteousness on her behalf. Now she has crawled up on the porch, and is reaching her hand out over the threshold of the church door. The church is asleep and uncaring; how will we respond?

  • It’s time to repent of our apathy and rise up, stirring our passion for Christ, so we can tell the devil, “You cannot have America! She will live and not die!” The demons are surrounding America, trying to steal the covenant blessing God has for her, so it’s time to wake up, and declare that Jesus is our only hope, and it’s time for all men to come to repentance, because Jesus’ return is imminent.

  • He added that the spirit of Herodias is at work. She’s the girl who danced before the king and demanded the head of John the Baptist. In our day this seductive spirit has tried to make us distrust the prophets and especially televangelists, who have fallen. This spirit is trying to convince us that they are not trustworthy today. If this spirit is successful it will stifle the message of repentance, and send the deceived straight to hell.

  • The devil’s strategy is to get us to distrust the prophets, so we must go back to the altar, repent, and then go out in more power than ever to preach the unadulterated Word of God without apology. We are to be bold in calling the church back to repentance, taking our world for Christ.

  • 93. Peter Gammons (appearing on Sid Roth’s It’s Supernatural):

  • There is a specific order to knowing God and getting into the center of His will.

  • Knowing God as Jehovah Elohim, the mighty God of creation. If we look at the story of Abraham, God originally revealed himself as Elohim, the all-powerful, great God.

  •  Then He revealed himself as Yahweh, the intimate, loving Redeemer who provided a ram as a sacrifice so Abraham wouldn’t have to kill his son, Isaac. In fact, He had already come up with a plan to redeem sinful men, back before any of us were ever created.

  • It wasn’t long before He revealed himself as Adonai, the Lord and Master to whom every knee must bow. Until we do that we are out from under God’s umbrella of protection, and therefore God has no legal right to protect us from Satan’s assaults, nor do we have any legal right to expect God to move on our behalf. It is only as we bow to make Him Lord that we move under His protective covering, that we can expect those things to happen. It is in this place when He can minister to us in completeness and healing, restoring us in order to touch the world through us. It is also in this place where we abandon ourselves, completely to His will and believe Him to live out a God-ordained destiny through us.

  • And finally when we are under His Lordship, He becomes to us El Shaddai, the God of more than enough, and our Provider. The name El Shaddai is actually defined as “the all-breasted one,” the nurturing and comforting caregiver who meets all our needs.


Why lordship is so vital to the believer: When we take what God hasn’t given us, the devil has the right to steal from us what God has given us.


When unbelievers argue that they already believe in God, they are saying they know Elohim, the great and all-powerful God. But we must understand the distinction; they don’t know Yahweh, the loving Redeemer God, and without that that they will be separated from God forever.


Financial advice: Be faithful to God. When we fail to tithe to God the devil has every right to steal from us, devouring our prosperity. (See Malachi 3:8-12.)  God wants us to prosper, but only as we bow to Him, with eternity’s values in view, willing to use our resources for kingdom purposes instead of using them on our own lusts.


94. The Pearl of Great Price:

Some time back the Lord gave me a vision. He showed me a coffee table, with a small display stand holding a huge, stunning pearl, the pearl of great price. He said that believers in developed nations see salvation and Jesus Christ as a nice addition to our already comfortable lives. We dust off the pearl, polish it up, and see it as a nice conversation piece. The thing is, we don’t know what we have. The marvelous truth is that whatever we lack, He is.

Jesus is everything, but only if we want Him to be. If we limit Him to a mere collectible piece that is exactly what He will remain, because He’s too much of a gentleman to force Himself on us.

The truth is that only those who seek Him with all their hearts, souls, minds and strength will see Him for who He really is. Only as we hunger and thirst for more of Him and consider everything else as worthless in comparison to Him, will we be filled as He promised.


Consider this: the day of ease and plenty is past. Judgment is at the door. If we don’t bow our knees to Christ, and get under His umbrella of protection, we will be drawn away as it becomes more difficult to be a Christian and persecution increases. In fact, scripture says that in the last days, had He not chosen to come soon, even the elect would fall away. In other words, now is the time to let Him take His rightful place as our Lord, so that we are under the umbrella of His protection when the heat increases.


95. Maurice Sklar:

On his teachings page, concert violinist and prophetic teacher Maurice Sklar said that we are in the last of the last days. In 2009 he said that the Lord had shown him a vision of the gates of heaven. He said that when Oral Roberts and Billy Graham were taken to heaven, the gates of heaven would begin to close rather quickly, because the day of grace would be ending. (Note: it wasn’t long after this prophecy when Oral Roberts went home to be with the Lord. Billy Graham is now ninety-five years old, so his time is limited.)


He said that during that time there would be one more catastrophic event that would turn the world upside down and capture the attention of those who, previously, had no use for the gospel. At that point there would be a short but intense outpouring of the Holy Spirit on all flesh, as scripture says, and we must use that time, using signs, wonders, healings, and miracles to spread the gospel and win the lost. Right after that window of time ends, Jesus will return for the saints.


Every other prophecy has been fulfilled regarding Israel, including Israel becoming a nation, and the mass exodus of Jews from other countries who are returning to Israel. Its deserts also now bloom with olive trees as scripture predicts will happen just before the end. Jesus is coming sooner than we can imagine!


He also said that just like the parable of the foolish virgins, many who say they are believers are not ready for Christ’s return. Rather they have swallowed the false prosperity gospel and are enjoying the pleasures of the world, far too distracted to hear the shofar when it sounds, announcing the rapture. In fact, he said that the great falling away has already begun, with many already growing cold toward God’s Spirit. We dare not let go of the vision, but fan alive the flame of passion for Christ, until it rages, consuming everything that is ungodly inside us.

For those who refuse to believe that Jesus is coming in the air for the saints, Sklar said in a word from the Lord dated January 2, 2010, that Jesus will not force those who do not believe, to go at the rapture, though that is not His desire because He does not want His beloved to suffer. Rather He will allow those who have chosen to stay behind, to lead the world to Christ during the Tribulation. However, he said they must be ready to die, because no one will be left alive of the remnant, except the Jews God has hidden in Petra until the Second Coming.


Recently, the Lord showed me another way to look at His work on the cross. He said that when sin came into the world, a plan was already in place for redemption. He said to look at it as retrofitting. As in a car that has parts recalled. Once I was driving on a highway using my cruise control, when suddenly, my brakes failed to stop my car, and instead it went faster with each passing moment. In a desperate move, I finally had to turn off the ignition to get it to stop. I soon learned that the car had been recalled for a failure of the cruise control system.


Sin and iniquity were out of control in the same way, with no way to stop them, when Jesus died, retrofitting every man who is willing, with a brand new heart and the will to please God. In many ways we are like automobiles with replacement parts. The car itself is not new, and in fact, we still live in our original bodies, but because of those new hearts and new wills, that are now actually indwelt by the living God in the person of the Holy Spirit, we are free to choose not to sin, but to, instead, glorify the Lord Jesus Christ with these bodies. Hallelujah!


The Lord gave me another revelation of the role of the accuser, Satan. He said Satan loves to accuse us of things we’ve done in our past, and keeps our old tapes playing in our heads as long as he can, but we can instantly stop the tapes with the words of our testimony. God created the world and everything in it with three little words, “Let there be . . .” and it was done. When He gave Adam dominion over the earth, He also gave us the authority to change the atmosphere with our words and our faith.

Consider this: When the Apostle Paul was still Saul of Tarsus he killed Christians believing he was doing a service to God. There was no doubt, he was guilty of a great wrong. And yet, when he came to salvation God forgave him and gave him a clean slate. Can you imagine, however, how believers felt when he began to preach? No doubt he came across comments like, “How dare you preach to us, after you’ve killed our families?” In response he had to have said, “Listen, I’m not that man anymore. I am a blood-washed saint, because Jesus took my sin away never to be remembered again. And if God won’t accuse me, no one else can either.”


You and I stand righteous before the Father, because of what Jesus did, taking our place on that cross, so we dare not let any man accuse us nor can we accuse anyone after their conversion, no matter what they did before. And what’s even more important, we must refuse to entertain a single iota of guilt or moment of insecurity or doubt, when Satan accuses us. We must, instead, point him to the cross and say, “You can’t accuse me anymore, Satan, because Jesus made me righteous in the sight of God.”


There is one more enemy we must speak to, however, our memories and our emotions. No one accuses us the way we accuse ourselves. We know what we’ve done, and how far we have missed the mark, but that’s in the past. Because of Jesus’ sacrificial covering for sin, we are able to cut the ties to those old messages, and turn off the tapes that run in our heads, using the Word of God. We can say, “Shut up, old messages. Be still, lies from the pit. I am no longer that person, so I shatter your power over me, because I am the beloved of God, a redeemed one, a joint-heir with Christ, an overcomer till the end. I am bought with the blood of Jesus, and God sings a song over my head, rejoicing over the very day I was born. No longer are we to stay victimized by our accusers, but we are to cut off their power and stand excited knowing the glory is in us! Praise God!  



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