So What’s Wrong with Doing the Logical Thing?


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After Abraham died, there was a famine in the land. Isaac, who was now responsible for a large estate and many servants, went as far as Gerar, on his way to Egypt to find and bring back food and supplies.

But the Lord said to him, “Do not go down to Egypt, but stay in the land of which I shall tell you, and I will be with you and bless you…establishing the oath I had with your father Abraham.”

It’s easy to see the logic of Isaac wanting to go where there was plenty of food, simply to provide for his family. And yet God had another plan to sustain His people.

In our culture we have always prided ourselves in doing the responsible, logical thing, taking charge to make things happen. And yet, as believers, we are not to lean on our own understanding, but to seek God in every situation.

I find it tough at times to even consider asking God what I’m to do next. It doesn’t come naturally for us when the next thing seems obvious.

And yet God asks us to depend on Him. That means taking those “logical” steps to Him, asking Him for wisdom.

Doing what’s right in our own eyes is one more way we forfeit the extravagant blessings of God. And while we might survive after making “logical” choices, we have chosen to go our own way and limited what God could’ve done if we had let Him.

In this way our “logical” minds are a hindrance, just as our talents can hinder us if they keep us from going to God and depending on Him.

He is so much higher than we are. But in order to see and grasp that fact we must get into the Word, feed on it, and ask for the mind of Christ, so we can see with the eyes of our spirit instead of the carnal eyes of flesh.

We limit God until the moment we fall in love with Him, yearning after Him, and listening for His voice. Once we are at the place where we want nothing better than to please Him, even the sky isn’t the limit anymore.

What could God do with you if you let Him? Can you dare to trust Him for more? Let’s step out in faith, falling in love with our incredible God all over again, and let Him touch us, use us, directing our steps, until we’re exactly where He wants us to be. Only then will we be filled to overflowing, a light to a dark and dying world.

I want to fall in love all over again. Join me, won’t you?




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