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How often have you heard Christians say that? If they’re honest they’ll admit to feeling stupid, na´ve, and undiscerning when it happens. They’ll often blame God or feel disillusioned, believing that if He cared He wouldn’t have let it happen. Or at the minimum, He could’ve stopped it before it cost money.

Well, I’d like to address this subject from up close and personal. We were scammed this weekend by a very elaborate and complex ruse, an invitation to speak at a women’s conference at a wonderful, Spirit-filled church in Wales, U.K. They offered to pay all expenses, etc. as well as a generous gratuity, but that wasn’t the draw. The draw for me was the opportunity to share God’s healing truth with the 1,500 women at the conference.

Interestingly enough, for the past several years the Lord has revealed many incredible truths called The Last Days’ Keys, which can be found at http://www.nancyarantwilliams.com, on the minibooks page. These truths have truly changed my life, equipping me to stand and be bold, passionately excited about Jesus. For that reason I have felt the urgency to share them, and yet for a long time I told the Lord that I wasn’t willing to get out of my comfort zone to travel in order to share those revelations. Wanting to share was a complete turnaround for me, because I had always felt ill-equipped to stand and speak in front of groups.

Apparently the enemy was listening when I spoke of my desire to share such things, and a scam was born somewhere in the mind of an evil man. When the invitation to speak arrived, I at once studied it for validity, and could see nothing out of order on the surface. However, because travel isn’t my strong suit, I once again thought better of exiting my comfort zone. And yet I didn’t close the door to the idea, when I could envision sharing revelations to touch lives. As I caught the vision I took down my stop signs, willing to step out in faith.

That might lead you to believe that it’s better to protect yourself than to step out of your comfort zone if the Lord calls. And yet, aren’t the souls of men worth whatever it costs to secure their salvation?

We lost $1200 to this man who had Christian jargon down pat and seemed to have all his ducks in a row, setting up the event like a pro, and yet we agreed to do it with the right heart, so it’s just as if we’d offered that money to the Lord, no matter where it ended up. And God, who is rich in mercy, will not only comfort us in our disappointment but force the enemy to give back seven times what he stole from us as we give the issue to Him.

I say these things to encourage saints, who, like us, have been wounded, scammed, or otherwise abused. It isn’t God who’s doing these things, and in fact, it breaks His heart when it happens. He is for us, not against us, according to scripture, and He delights in blessing His children.

So how are we to look at it when we are swindled or cheated? Well, let me give you one more testimony on this subject.

About four years ago, we asked a trusted friend who lays carpet for a living to help us find and lay new carpet. He agreed, and we picked out carpet, which he was going to buy from his supplier at wholesale with cash in hand, of $2170 that I willingly gave him. It had taken me over a year to save up for it, so I was excited to see new carpet in our future.

To make a long story short, he ran off with our money, failing to return our calls, and of course, completely torpedoing a good relationship. I was sick over it, but I chose to forgive him, and gave the notion of new carpet entirely to the Lord. At this point, I can testify to God’s faithfulness, because within three months I had money for more, better quality carpet that I liked even better.

Is our God faithful? He absolutely is, but we have to run to Him and dump our pain in His lap, in order for Him to address our issues. If we hide them, or build up a wall around us to protect ourselves, He can do nothing to touch our wounds or make the devil give back what he’s stolen.

My point is, God is love, and anything evil is not His domain. Remember, He says He will be with us no matter what we go through, but He seldom stops the storms from coming, because they are a part of life. Instead, He readily runs to our aid, gathers us up in His arms, and tells us to cast all our cares on Him, because then He can move on our behalf.

Beloved, and I do mean that sincerely . . . you are precious to God, and if someone has hurt you this way, run, don’t walk to Jesus, and ask Him to turn around for good what the enemy means for harm. Forgive the perpetrator and let God protect and defend you, restoring your joy and your peace.

He longs to minister to our needs, but He won’t do it unless He’s invited.

As time grows short, these things will be more prevalent than they are now, so we must choose not to let scammers and frauds steal our birthright. Rather we must grab hold of God’s best, forgiving and forgetting what is past, and choosing to stand in confidence because God is our Champion! Hallelujah. No matter what the devil throws at us, the story isn’t over, because Jesus defeated him and all his evil intentions on the cross. Those things are past tense, so we can claim them in and take back our joy and peace, knowing that no matter what happens, we are victorious. The very glory of God lives inside us in the person of the Holy Spirit, so we simply grab hold of that truth and live as if it is so. Choose not to let discouragement or depression, enter with the wound, but choose to give God glory no matter what. That kind of response slams the door on the devil’s destruction, and gives God the go-ahead to move on your behalf, touching your pain and restoring you, body, emotions and spirit.

The truth is that we already have it all; we are equipped for every good thing, if we simply take God at His Word and soak in His great love.

Let him who has an ear, hear the Word of the Lord!


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