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Oh, I’m not referring to the name it-claim it fraudulent snake oil shows of the past. I’m talking the power of Almighty God, King of Kings and Lord of Lords here. He’s drawn the line in the sand, daring us to stand on what we say we believe.

Will we put our money where our mouths are? Will we turn off the distracting garbage on television and feast on the Word of God? Will we ask for rhema words of life appropriate for that very situation? Because He delights to give them to us.

He is simply standing there, waiting for us to act according to our faith.
Will we pray in the Spirit, warring for our brothers and sisters, urging them on toward righteousness, or will we watch them turn tail and run in fear because we didn’t take our places as warriors on the battlefield? Far be it from me to stand and watch as souls teeter on the brink of eternity, without grabbing hold of them and urging them to stand. You and I have no time to waste. No more time to play games at the foot of the cross. So here is my challenge.

Let’s take our rightful place. Let’s walk in the power of the Spirit, feeding on the Word, lifting up the brethren and claiming in the victory, believing Him for provision. Then let’s choose to stop worrying and fretting, choosing to rest on God’s unchanging faithfulness. God has already won this battle, but on which side will we be counted? You and I can be transformed, merely by our faith.




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