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"When the heart speaks, the mind finds it indecent to object." -- Milan Kundera

1 Corinthians 2:9 --

 "No eye has seen, no ear has heard, no mind has conceived what God has prepared for those who love him.

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Last Day's Keys

When The Party's Over


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Free Mini Books:

Mini-books to encourage you in your Christian walk (used with permission):

  • Letting Go: Thoughts of a Suicide Survivor  (html)
  • When The Party's Over(html)
  • Taking God At His Word (html)
  • Last Day's Keys:
        Chrisitan's essential guide to survive in the last days Part 1... (html)
        Chrisitan's essential guide to survive in the last days Part 2... (
  • Declarations of My Identity(html)
  • We've Been Scammed! (html)
  • When Gay Isn't Gay Anymore.(html)
  • Is This All There is?(html)
  • What If It's All True?(html)
  • A Word To Pastors(html)
  • Promises For Time of Need(html)
  • You Are(html)
  • What's Wrong With Doing The Logical Thing (html)
  • The God Syndrome (html)
  • How To Become A Child of God (html)  
    (The Most Important Book You'll Ever Read)
  • Doubt - The Devil's Most Powerful Weapon(html)
  • Is It A Simple Chip or Mark of the Beast (html)
  • The Truth About Heaven and Hell(html)
  • The Myth of Youth And Beauty  (html)(pdf)
  • Transforming Anxiety Into Knock-Down, Drag-Out Faith  (html) (pdf)
  • Getting Back To Our First Love   (html)(pdf)
  • How To Not Only Survive But Thrive... (html)
  • Overcoming By The Blood Of The Lamb  (html)(pdf)
  • Preparing for the Sound of the Trumpet!  (html)
  • Twenty Questions To Help Identify Church Abuse (html)(pdf)
  • The Feeding Room - A Place Where Lambs Learn To Eat (html)(pdf)
  • The Incredible Power Of Praying The Scripture  (html)
  • Accept No Substitutes (html)
  • Delight Yourself in the Lord? (html)
  • Strength For The Days Ahead (html)
  • Our Identity In Christ (html
  • Life Is Not A Movie Set (html)
  • And the Fool Has Said in His Heart--No God!(html)
  • Winning The War Over Depression (html)(pdf)

Mini-Books Especially For Writers:

  • Marketing Tips From The Expert (pdf)
  • Writing A Killer Query (html)
  • The Scoop For Beginning Writers (html)
  • Hope For The Discouraged Writer   (html)
  • How To Contact The Muse (html)
  • Writing The Tuff Stuff (html)


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